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Software for Analysis of Data

Edit View

EditView is software for Macs and it is freely available from the Applied Biosystems website. It allows you to open the electropherogram files, manually edit them and print them.

Applied Biosystems website.

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Chromas is sequencing analysis software for PCs. Version 2.33 is shareware and is available free and fully functional for a period of 60 days. After this time saving, exporting and printing will be disabled unless the program is registered and a registration fee paid. A much simpler version Chromas Lite is available free of charge.

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BioEdit is a piece of free software for PCs that allows editing, printing and sequence alignment. Although still available for use the software is no longer reliably maintained and is being updated slowly.

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Sequence Scanner

Sequence Scanner Software v1.0 is freely available from Applied Biosystems and allows you to view, print, edit and export your sequencing data.

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Sequencing Analysis Software

Sequencing Analysis Software is a registered licenced software from Applied Biosystems. We have licensed copies of this that we use to analyse customers' data before we send results out. If you are a customer based at the University of Otago please contact us regarding licences/access to this software.


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