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Reagents and Consumables

Discounted ABI Reagents are available from us (Prices ex-GST):

BigDye Terminator v3.1 RR100 & Sequencing Buffer¹ $1900
Genescan™ LIZ® 500 (2x200ul tubes) $1300
Genescan™ LIZ® 600 (2x200ul tubes) $1250
Hi-Di Formamide (25mls) $110

¹ provides enough for 1600 reactions if 0.5µl used in a 10µl reaction

We recommend the use of the following 96-well plates for those wishing to use the sequencing plate-service or the genotyping service:

For Sephadex cleanup of Sequencing products we recommend the use of the following plates:


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